[Talk-us] OSM US Chapter elections and

Gregory Arenius gregory at arenius.com
Thu Sep 15 23:55:46 BST 2011

Another barrage of questions....

The wiki says that the 2011-2012 election is coming up soon.  How is this
being organized and when is it actually going to be?  The system that was
set up last year worked pretty well.  I think it was surveymonkey run by
some independent (Apache?) observers.  Is it possible to do this again?  If
so, what needs to be done?

I know that at one point getting 503(c) status was a goal of the
organization.  Did this ever happen, and if not, what needs to be done?

One thing I would like to see with the US servers is one set up to make
extracts, especially for major cities and metro regions.  Even the state
ones can be rather unwieldy.  Assuming others think this would be useful how
do we go about setting something like this up?

And last but not least has anyone started thinking about the next SOTM-US.?
If the main SOTM is going to be in the August-September timeframe it might
be a good idea to try and offset ours.  For instance, aim for March so they
aren't taking place one directly after the other.  I threw this idea around
some at SOTM Denver and it was well recieved but....  If we want to do this
we'll need to get started planning it pretty soon.  Same
last time?

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