[Talk-us] Small Place Names (was Re: Brainstorm: What should a US map of OSM data look like)

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Fri Sep 16 21:51:43 BST 2011

* Val Kartchner <val42k at gmail.com> [2011-09-16 10:49 -0600]:
> I think that this is also the time to add a "development" level to the
> "place" key.  There are so many place names that aren't hamlets but are
> developments (like subdivisions) that have names.  This could include
> the name of an apartment complex.

As others have mentioned, simple apartment complexes and similar things
can be adequately represented by a landuse= polygon with a name= tag.  For
more complex things, like a major subdivision that includes a variety of
landuses (residential, retail, recreation, etc.), there was discussion on
the tagging@ list somewhat recently about a place=neighbourhood tag[0]
whose semantics would fit fairly well.

  [0] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/place%3Dneighbourhood

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