[Talk-us] What does the community want from a US local chapter?

Mike N niceman at att.net
Fri Sep 30 19:36:45 BST 2011

On 9/30/2011 2:23 PM, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Really? Are there people who say "I'd rather not map because there is no
> consensus on the roads tagging"? Are those people the 20,000 missing
> mappers in the US?

   It is more like "I don't see anyone using the map except for 
Skobbler, so why should I invest my time?"   And what are the obstacles 
to usage?  inconsistent tagging.

>> Ideally this should be done by, as you say, "facilitating a consensus",
> Personally I'd think a per-state consensus would already be quite good.
> Greece and Norway use different tagging schemes - so why would anyone be
> "held back" if Texas uses something other than Alaska?

   A map data consumer would want to be aware of local state 
conventions, but it would be a huge saving of effort to read up on a 
single US tagging convention from the Wiki, then apply it to consume map 
data.   As already demonstrated by the 'shields' discussion, we can 
begin to approach a unified tagging convention that will cover all 
states.  In the US, there may be minor differences from state to state, 
but we expect products to work seamlessly everywhere.

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