[Talk-us] What does the community want from a US local chapter?

Brian Wilson brian at wildsong.biz
Fri Sep 30 19:45:43 BST 2011

> Personally I'd think a per-state consensus would already be quite good.
> Greece and Norway use different tagging schemes - so why would anyone be  "held back" if Texas uses something other than Alaska?

Simply put, Greece and Norway are different countries. When I drive
across the border into California, we still use the same nomenclature
for roads.

Having 50 committees to decide the naming is another way of saying "it
will never happen".

When I was on the Bike/Ped committee in my town (not this one) the
traffic engineers referred to AASHTO for standards. (See
transportation.org.) My guess is they have standards for it already.
I'd start by finding out if that's true and then put their names into
the wiki as the starting point. Asking Portland Metro for help would
be a good idea, I will write to them directly in a moment but I am
pretty sure they read this list.

I know looking at the Brit names in OSM that they don't work here, we
are "two countries separated by a common language."

Brian Wilson
Corvallis Oregon

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