[Talk-us] What does the community want from a US local chapter?

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Fri Sep 30 21:26:40 BST 2011

Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Really? Are there people who say "I'd rather not map because there is 
> no consensus on the roads tagging"? Are those people the 20,000 
> missing mappers in the US?

I don't think it's all 20,000, no. :) But it's certainly significant and it
is - correction, it _should_ be - one of the easiest things to fix. Three

a) The map really, obviously looks wrong and inconsistent. It's one of the
first things people notice (e.g. Justin O'Beirne on the late lamented
41latitude blog). Contributing to a sloppy map ostensibly produced by a
bunch of blithering incompetents is not an appealing prospect. Of course I
know and you know that OSMers aren't blithering incompetents and are in fact
lovely, but you've got to get past the first impression.

b) Barrier to entry. If you have to read up on 92364 contradictory policies
about how roads should be tagged, or if you just can't figure it out, you're
not going to proceed with it. I realise I'm preaching to the wrong guy here
as you actually _like_ unnecessary barriers to entry but maybe the rest of
the list will hear me out. ;)

c) Even if you do come along and try your hardest to tag it right... then
chances are that some muppet with a bot or a XAPI fetish is going to do an
uninformed bulk change of your work in a week's time. That is _really_


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