[Talk-us] Update on remapping

James Mast rickmastfan67 at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 1 09:42:32 BST 2012

Well, the database has just gone read-only at about 4:08 AM EDT. I was lucky enough to finish the cleanup of the entire Pittsburgh, PA area minus some businesses that people added that I couldn't verify since I hadn't been in those parts of the city before or recently.  So, they will get axed by the OdbL bot when they run it.  Thankfully, it's not that many. I was even able to get in a last minute edit to save some of US-19 in West Virginia in a section that moonwashed tainted by deleting and retracing it.  So, I did the same thing he did, haha, and was able to get it uploaded with less than 4 minutes before they went into read-only mode. And I'm right now working on a little more cleanup of US-19 in WV that I'll attempt to upload right after the database goes live once again (if I'm awake when it happens and the ID's haven't changed). So, who else here was at least somewhat successful in their objective in data cleanup (I still think this whole thing was kinda stupid, as I'd rather been fixing/adding new stuff instead of redoing stuff that others added)? -- James 		 	   		  
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