[Talk-us] Update on remapping

Alexander Jones happy5214 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 11:49:34 BST 2012

James Mast wrote:

> Well, the database has just gone read-only at about 4:08 AM EDT. I was
> lucky enough to finish the cleanup of the entire Pittsburgh, PA area minus
> some businesses that people added that I couldn't verify since I hadn't
> been in those parts of the city before or recently.  So, they will get
> axed by the OdbL bot when they run it.  Thankfully, it's not that many. I
> was even able to get in a last minute edit to save some of US-19 in West
> Virginia in a section that moonwashed tainted by deleting and retracing
> it.  So, I did the same thing he did, haha, and was able to get it
> uploaded with less than 4 minutes before they went into read-only mode.
> And I'm right now working on a little more cleanup of US-19 in WV that
> I'll attempt to upload right after the database goes live once again (if
> I'm awake when it happens and the ID's haven't changed). So, who else here
> was at least somewhat successful in their objective in data cleanup (I
> still think this whole thing was kinda stupid, as I'd rather been
> fixing/adding new stuff instead of redoing stuff that others added)? --
> James

I got done most of my local area (NW San Antonio), but US-90 west of town 
will be trashed according to OSM Inspector. Luckily, SA wasn't as bad as our 
neighbors up I-35. (read: Austin) Still, I might have to remap some bus 
routes I've done. :( Most of the damage was from college students who 
obviously are no longer active.


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