[Talk-us] Update on remapping

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sun Apr 1 23:01:58 BST 2012

I look forward to a navigable South Carolina, I look forward to a 
navigable Southern California.  Those (and much more other work) seem 
weeks away at least, it is safe to say.  Choppy waters ahead, our 
next lighthouse is the future.  Stay connected.  Seek answers.  Keep 
communicating well amongst ourselves.  This seeming body blow 
(license change, remapping, "how quickly it has come") certainly must 
not be fatal.

Northern California cleaned up between northern Monterey and San 
Francisco.  The Bay Area flirts with "intact" except for some south 
Bay freeways.  Silicon Valley is not now navigable but may be soon. 
(Some eleventh hour edits on my part didn't clean up nicely or in 
time.  Or did they?)  Open chapters of OSM continue.  OSM is at least 
the sum of our history and contributions.  Look how far we are 

The license change is a process.  A new chapter has begun.  OSM continues.


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