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Brett Lord-Casitllo marigolds6 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 2 21:15:02 BST 2012

> I think imports (taking a large number of objects
from an external 
> source and placing them in OSM all at once) is bad
for the community.
> Most of you have heard me say this before.  I still have no hard 
> evidence to prove it.  There is also no hard counter-evidence.  At 
> best, imported data will be unmaintained.  I glibly offer most TIGER 
> ways as evidence.
> I ask you to suspend disbelief for a moment, and
presume that imports 
> are generally bad, and presume that adding new
mappers is generally 
> good.
While imports are bad for mappers, disallowing imports is
also bad for users. We had initially had a lot of enthusiasm for OSM and were
planning to integrate it into our editing workflows and applications.
When imports from our editing workflow were rejected, we
pretty much gave up. Our cartographer group hand edits just as much as a
volunteer mapper, including fieldwork, official documents, lidar, and aerial
photography in their workflow. We even have terabytes of GPS traces from our
patrol vehicles. When their contributions were disallowed, we were essentially
cut off from making any corrections to data that we knew was wrong. That
greatly decreased the value of OSM for us, and we stopped plans to use OSM for
new web applications. Obviously we completely halted plans to integrate it into
our editing workflows.
So yes, this strategy encourages new mappers, but having
to stare at bad data without being able to touch it also discourages us as a
new user. I suspect we are not the only group discouraged in this way.
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