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Alan Mintz Alan_Mintz+OSM at Earthlink.Net
Tue Apr 3 01:17:01 BST 2012

At 2012-02-01 06:08, Nick Hocking wrote:
>Ok I've found a few more close typos
>Gassen not Glassen

Correct. source=LACDPW;LACA + source_ref=PWFB1521-265;TR0044-020;ABK5456-016

>Tropico not Tropica

Correct. Tropico Way in LA 90065: source=LACDPW;LACA + 
Tropico Ave in Whittier: source=LACDPW;LACA + source_ref=TR0518-006;ABK8228-010

>Lavell not lavel

Correct. source=LACDPW;LACA + source_ref=PWFB1521-257;TR0023-102a;ABK5462-006

>Pleasant View not Pleasent View

Correct. source=LACDPW;LACA + source_ref=TR0012-064;ABK5454-023

>Seymour not Seymore

This one was interesting. See the notes at the bottom of the tract map for 
the name changes - the previous name was, in fact, Seymore. Name changes 
aren't always noted on these docs, so it's important to look at the dates, 
but it's nice when they are. source=LACDPW;LACA + 

>Arroyo Seco not Aroyo Seco

Correct. source=LACDPW;LACA + source_ref=TR0049-071;ABK5446-022

>Parrish not Parish

It depends:

In LA 90065, Parrish Ave: source=LACDPW;LACA + 
In Burbank, Parish Pl: source=LACDPW;LACA + 

>Shilburn not Shelburn

In LA 90065, Shelburn Ct is correct. source=LACDPW;LACA + 
Shelburne is used in two other places.

>I've have not fixed the Parrish/Lavell ones since there is something
>really wrong with either or both of OSM and TIGER.
>I believe that this area really needs another survey.

I do have an unprocessed photo survey of the area I did in January and 
August 2010. Maybe if we ever get past the license change fixes...

>It would be great if TIGER2011 could be in one half of
>Frederik's compare tool and OSM in the other, however
>putting Google in the other half allows you to easily
>spot where there are potential spelling mistakes in the
>OSM data.

In small areas, I've generated a unique list of names from an OSM file and 
then from TIGER or some county source and done a diff to identify the 
obvious ones. Of course, you have to re-abbreviate the OSM street types, 
and do various other manual things, but it's better than a visual compare.

Alan Mintz <Alan_Mintz+OSM at Earthlink.net>

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