[Talk-us] Highway Shield Rendering

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Tue Apr 3 10:07:44 BST 2012

Posting a cc of this to talk-us in case others can't download data in 
while OSM is in read-only mode:  try THIS!

>Wbat version of JOSM are you using?  I'm having no problem using 
>that plugin in v5159.

Ah, thank you so much, James.  I was using 5088, upgrading to 5159 
did it.  Dang, that's a fast download!

Now I really mean it:  So awesome.  I don't know how widely known 
using "mirrored_download" plugin is, but this is exactly what I meant 
when I said "stay communicative."  Wiki:  good.  Latest version: 
good.  Talking to each other on talk-us:  good.

Peace and thanks yet again!


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