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Phil! Gold phil_g at pobox.com
Tue Apr 3 12:26:04 BST 2012

* CrystalWalrein <closed810 at hotmail.com> [2012-04-02 15:45 -0700]:
> For areas in New Jersey, when I look at this rendering, I get county shields
> for all 500-series roads, but no shields are shown for 600-series roads
> anywhere. 
> The formatting for county route relations in New Jersey is
> 'network="US:NJ:[county name]"' for all county routes that are not part of
> the statewide system (for which 'network="US:NJ:CR"' is used).

This is a known problem and more or less falls under "we're not really
doing county roads yet".  We render the pentagon for routes with the
network US:NJ:CR, but there's no rendering yet for US:NJ:<county>.  That's
partly because I haven't sorted through the counties to separate out the
ones that don't use the blue pentagon, and partly because handling a lot
of differently-named but having-very-similar-shields networks would be
kind of a pain with our current setup, so I need to write some more code
to help with that.

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