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Tue Apr 3 13:37:09 BST 2012

* Nathan Edgars II <neroute2 at gmail.com> [2012-04-02 14:34 -0400]:
> A total of *two* relations have network=US:US:Business, vs. 707 with
> network=US:US and modifier=Business. Yes, I know I had major
> influence in that, but that was months ago.

There's also one US:OR:Business (which also has modifier=Business), one
US:CA:BUSINESS, and one US:I:BUSINESS:SPUR (which surprised me; I wasn't
expecting to see that in the database).  Even though the last time this
was discussed in detail a couple people said they preferred using
US:US:BUS, there are no instances of that in the current database.  It's
possible they used to exist but have been since changed, but I can't tell
that one way or the other.

That notwithstanding, I've gone back and looked through all the past
discussions about route relation networks that I can find and it seems
that almost everyone who expresses a preference prefers to view routes
with modifiers as subsets of the main network and put the modifier in the
network tag.  With my "data consumer" hat on, I'm inclined to agree:
although there are drawbacks to both approaches, I feel there are fewer
inherent in the network-with-modifiers way.

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