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* Paul Johnson <baloo at ursamundi.org> [2012-04-03 07:21 -0700]:
> Also curious how some of the more interesting edge cases work out,
> such as Missouri Secondary State Highways

Someone seems to have made route relations for a lot of these already,
with a network of US:MO:Supplemental, so that's what I chose to key off

> Oregon/Washington/Oklahoma State Tour Routes

Not currently supported.  Can you point me at some information about

> Oklahoma/Kansas Turnpike

There's support for the Kansas Turnpike, but it's not rendered because the
route relation doesn't have a network on it.  (I don't trust every named
highway with its own shield to have a globally unique name, so I key off
the network, which in most cases I expect to be the same as the main state
network.)  I'll have to add the Chikasaw Turnpike; I don't see any
information about shields for the other Oklahoma turnpikes on Wikipedia.

> or the 7 state highway networks in Texas that aren't "Texas"...

Mostly I've followed the networks already in use: US:TX, US:TX:LOOP,
some others.  A lot of those still don't render because they duplicate the
subnetwork in the ref tag, so Loop 5 (picking an arbitrary number) might
be represented as network=US:TX:LOOP, ref=5 Loop.  Once the ref is changed
to a plain "5", it would be rendered properly.

I chose to treat the Old San Antonio Road as a member of the US:TX network
with a ref of OSR.  I can't remember if it renders that way at the moment.

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