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You need to create shields up to at least in the 6000 range for Kentucky.  The reason I'm saying this is that the have a 6000 series for small service roads.  99% of the them they aren't posted, but there are a few that I discovered while working on overhauling my Kentucky files for the CHM project (my personal KY page here - http://cmap.m-plex.com/stat/region.php?u=rickmastfan67&c=usa&rg=ky&du=mi&sort=ra). I can't seem to find my list that I compiled that listed all of the posted 6000 series routes right now, but I do know that at least KY-6011 is posted (Streetview - http://g.co/maps/23mpe). So, on the safe side for the KY routes, I would create shields up to at least 6299 so that when people get around to properly tagging the 6000 series, they will be rendered when necessary. -- James
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> * Minh Nguyen <mxn at 1ec5.org> [2012-04-12 00:09 -0700]:
> > Thanks for your attention to detail!
> You're welcome.  :)
> > By the way, four-digit circle shields appear to have broken over the
> > last day or two.
> Indeed they were.  It should be fixed now, pending a rerender.  (A few
> days ago, I changed the shield generating mechanism from pregenerating
> every shield and every known cluster (in every possible orientation) and
> saving them in directories--to only pregenerating every individual shield
> (which is still almost 45,000 images), storing them in the database, and
> letting the database generate the clusters on demand.  With the old
> system, we'd been cheating a little with the circle- and lozenge-style
> shields by generating two sets of images (one with circles for all numbers
> from 1 to 9999, and one with circles for 1 to 99 and lozenges for 100 to
> 9999) and then symlinking states to those as appropriate.  With the new
> setup, we have to generate all the shields for each state individually and
> I just didn't go high enough for Kentucky.  I've now generated shields for
> Kentucky up to 3999, which should cover everything I see in the database.
> Wikipedia lists 9006 and 9008, but it looks like those are unsigned
> reference numbers for some of the parkways.)
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