[Talk-us] tiff, dwg and nad83

Werner Poppele poppele at hm.edu
Tue Apr 17 09:05:39 BST 2012

Nathan Edgars II wrote:
> On 4/17/2012 3:29 AM, Werner Poppele wrote:
>> I totally agree with Frederik. Yes - imported data turns down new
>> mappers. Have you ever seen those monster
>> multipolygons ? I am sure a new mapper says: Forget that
>> I personally tend to stop my contribution to OSM because of the very bad
>> stuff I see when mapping:
>> Triple contours at the same position, double / triple nodes,
>> unconnected, tiny streams / rivers with a bunch tags.
> You seem to be arguing against *bad* imports, not imports in general.
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Dear Nathan,
thats right. I am not totally against any import, but we need a way to 
prevent *bad imports* with huge consequences for all of us.
Nobody is able to fix the most data which were imported during the last 
years. You, by the way, do a very good job. Thank you very much for any 
of your contributions. But what about others ? Mapping for example all 
highways with all related stuff by hand is probably impossible ! The 
question is not importing data yes or no, the question is in my oppinion 
how can we cope with the consequences of *bad imports*. We should have a 
way to make imports as easyly as possible to help new mappers 
contributing to OSM but we need also a way to keep the database clean.


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