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         Whew! You deleted 43 churches! Well, I know it's frustrating 
when they all are piled on top of each other, but there must be another way.
         I've done smaller towns in the Southwest (NOT Abuquerque) 
with 10 to 15 churches on top of each other. I just separate them 
out, and look them up on Google or Bing, and try to move them to 
their correct locations. Sometimes, if they are small or newer 
churches--you know, the kind that meet in a storefront--I can't find 
the address, but most of the time I can. If I can't find the address 
I leave them in some public place, like a park, but they could be 
deleted, I guess.
         Yes, imported data can create issues like that. The same 
thing happens with schools. Yes, it takes some effort to separate 
them and move them to their correct locations, but I think it's worth 
it. It's better to have the data than not.
         What do other people think?


At 12:29 AM 4/17/2012, you wrote:
>Gregory Arenius wrote:
>>"Imported data turns down potential new mappers."
>>I really disagree with this statement.  I think the mappers would 
>>be turned off if we didn't import it when available.  "So you have 
>>all 250,000 address points for the city but instead of using them 
>>you'd rather us go collect all of them a second time?!?"  Nobody is 
>>going to do that.  Same with building outlines.  It might be true 
>>for some data but I think its a largely inaccurate statement.
>>There have also been some really well done imports such as the 
>>MassGIS one in MA.  Not using that data isn't going to get us any 
>>further than using it.  It makes our data much more useful, so it 
>>gets used, which brings in more contributors which....
>>Maybe it would be different if there were no open data to import at 
>>all, then people would be more motivated to gather it so it would 
>>exist.  However, if it does exist, weather or not we use it, that 
>>motivation is no longer there.
>>I also think that in the US if government agencies are updating 
>>their data that we can use that we should look at that as part of 
>>the community.  They're producing free data and so are we....I just 
>>wish they could use our data they way we use theirs.
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>Dear Gregory
>I totally agree with Frederik. Yes - imported data turns down new 
>mappers. Have you ever seen those monster
>multipolygons ? I am sure a new mapper says: Forget that
>I personally tend to stop my contribution to OSM because of the very 
>bad stuff I see when mapping:
>Triple contours at the same position, double / triple nodes, 
>unconnected, tiny streams / rivers with a bunch tags.
>In Albuquerque I - sorry - deleted 43 churches imported from 
>geonames all at the same spot.
>I have dozens of examples like that. Tell us, how to fix this stuff. 
>By hand ? Waiting for better data ?
>Writing better software ? Who merges old with new data ?
>There is a philosophy of Importing and forgetting. For me most kind 
>of imports are some kind of vandalism.
>Here are some examples:
>Double contours
>Multiple streams / rivers
>Nodes tagged waterway=river
>Unconnected streams / rivers
>Ten thousands of omported single trees in Europe
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