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Charlotte Wolter techlady at techlady.com
Wed Apr 18 22:46:15 BST 2012

         Great! Thanks.
         But, why do I have to mark tiles as dirty, and how does one do that?


At 01:13 PM 4/18/2012, you wrote:
>On 4/18/2012 3:38 PM, Charlotte Wolter wrote:
>>Hello all,
>>Right in the middle of Beverly Hills, on the southeast corner of
>>Carmelita and Arden (north of Santa Monica Boulevard and south of Sunset
>>Bl.) appear the words "Pacific Coast Highway." Now, PCH is at least five
>>miles away. And, an examination of the corner with Potlatch 2 produced
>>nothing that would make a point saying "Pacific Coast Highway." I don't
>>use JOSM, so maybe there is something there that I can't find with my
>>primitive Potlatch 2. :-)
>>Can anyone solve this mystery? Many thanks in advance.
>It's because someone added 
>http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/29234226 to this 
>multipolygon: http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/112106
>I'm not sure what the multipolygon is supposed to be (probably a 
>CDP, though it only has inner ways), but it then got its name from 
>the only member with a name tag. I've fixed it; you'll probably have 
>to mark tiles as dirty.
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