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Martijn van Exel m at rtijn.org
Mon Jan 2 19:05:35 GMT 2012


There's a lot of imports / fixbots / scripts that have affected the US
data over the years. I am finding this out slowly by slowly, asking
questions here and on IRC sometimes. The Road Name Expansion script is
a recent example that was discussed on the tagging list and here.
Another is that there are actually two different GNIS imports. This
makes it hard for mappers to focus their efforts when they first start
out. Also (and as importantly), external data consumers will have a
really hard time processing and using OSM data if information on
imports and fixbots is not consolidated - especially if a fixbot was
only run on half the country, as was the case with the name expansion.

I propose a wiki editing effort to consolidate information on scripts
and fixbots run in the US. I know that there is a global Import
Catalog page already, and this would partially duplicate the
information found there. I think it makes sense to do it anyway
* The US is a specific and important market for many potential data
consumers, and they need this info in one place
* The US data is particularly strongly shaped by imports and automated edits.

I have made a start here:
This page would replace or be integrated into the current Data page
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_United_States/Data - I
did not want to overhaul that page just yet without engaging in this
discussion first. So:
* US imports and fixbots page: good idea?
* Format of the page: good? Maybe a table format? Include more
information? If so, which?
* Please add / complete / modify and most importantly discuss!

martijn van exel
geospatial omnivore
1109 1st ave #2
salt lake city, ut 84103

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