[Talk-us] Imports information on the wiki

Matthias Meißer digi_c at arcor.de
Mon Jan 2 20:14:36 GMT 2012

Am 02.01.2012 20:05, schrieb Martijn van Exel:
> Hi,
> There's a lot of imports / fixbots / scripts that have affected the US
> data over the years. I am finding this out slowly by slowly, asking
> questions here and on IRC sometimes. The Road Name Expansion script is
> a recent example that was discussed on the tagging list and here.
> Another is that there are actually two different GNIS imports. This
> makes it hard for mappers to focus their efforts when they first start
> out. Also (and as importantly), external data consumers will have a
> really hard time processing and using OSM data if information on
> imports and fixbots is not consolidated - especially if a fixbot was
> only run on half the country, as was the case with the name expansion.
> I propose a wiki editing effort to consolidate information on scripts
> and fixbots run in the US. I know that there is a global Import
> Catalog page already, and this would partially duplicate the
> information found there. I think it makes sense to do it anyway
> because:
> * The US is a specific and important market for many potential data
> consumers, and they need this info in one place
> * The US data is particularly strongly shaped by imports and automated edits.
> I have made a start here:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_United_States/Imports_And_Automated_Edits
> This page would replace or be integrated into the current Data page
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_United_States/Data - I
> did not want to overhaul that page just yet without engaging in this
> discussion first. So:
> * US imports and fixbots page: good idea?
> * Format of the page: good? Maybe a table format? Include more
> information? If so, which?
> * Please add / complete / modify and most importantly discuss!
Hi Martijn,

thanks for setting this up. Personaly I would recommend to use the 
Imports mainpage, as so everybody else can find them. Even /subpages 
isn't that wise (but I was a fan of it, too ;)) as it makes it very hard 
to place links and tries to build up hirachies. But a wiki is a ontology 
and therefore works with categories :)


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