[Talk-us] Imports information on the wiki

Martijn van Exel m at rtijn.org
Mon Jan 2 20:43:26 GMT 2012

2012/1/2 Matthias Meißer <digi_c at arcor.de>:
> Am 02.01.2012 20:05, schrieb Martijn van Exel:
> Hi Martijn,
> thanks for setting this up. Personaly I would recommend to use the Imports
> mainpage, as so everybody else can find them. Even /subpages isn't that wise
> (but I was a fan of it, too ;)) as it makes it very hard to place links and
> tries to build up hirachies. But a wiki is a ontology and therefore works
> with categories :)

The reason for doing it on a separate page is that it becomes more
manageable. The imports page is huge and can be hard to both edit and
consume for that reason.
By categories, do you mean similar to the 'Users in ...' categories?
That would make sense to me, but would not require to maintain the
Imports page. We could then tag each import description page with
categories [Import] [Country] or [Fixbot] [Country]. I don't know if
mediawiki knows about administrative boundary hierarchies - if so you
could have [Import] [San_Diego] or similar and still have the import
show up in the auto-generated list of 'Imports in the US'.

I like this approach in general, but just having an auto-generated
list of imports and fixbots without any context is not enough. The
page would need to provide some context, especially for those external
to OSM seeking information. I don't know if / how that could be

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