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> Good point. Fixing it now is not a permanent solution. We will have to
> keep monitoring. Which brings me to the question of responsibility: to
> what extent do we - as the OSM US community - want or need to keep the
> data consistent by running monitoring bots? I believe that a certain
> degree of inconsistency is to be expected from a crowdsourced dataset
> and we should be very careful antagonizing mappers with data
> monitoring bots.
> --

Certainly inconsistency appears in any large dataset that's touched by a
large number of editors.  I don't see why expecting contributors to try to
comply with reasonable data entry/quality guidelines is unreasonable.  JOSM
has a suite of validity checkers to try to apply constancy guidelines to
new/edited data.  Why might running clean-up bots antagonize mappers
(particularly if their updates can be filtered from edit lists ;-)) any
more than validation checks before updates ?

Very high quality map renderings depend upon some sort of reasonable
consistency across feature types, not only to minimize the complexity of
style sheets but also to guarantee that a river in New York renders like a
river in Alaska.

>  Nominatum should still continue to handle both cases.  Although it has
> said that map renderering is the place to abbreviate the full name, no map
> renderer currently does this as far as I know.  If there is ever a custom
> style OSM renderer, that would be a logical feature.

IMHO, renderers render, ie transform vector/image data into map image
pixels.    If a use case exists for abbreviated and long street name
components then the data should be stored in the underlying DB to enable
transforms and validation to run off-line.  Another possibility is a
modified data store optimized for rendering (meta-tile sized data chunks or
cached labeling performed using very sophisticated placement algorithms, as
a couple examples) that the renderers use.


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