[Talk-us] Imports information on the wiki

Mike N niceman at att.net
Wed Jan 4 12:25:36 GMT 2012

On 1/3/2012 7:59 PM, the Old Topo Depot wrote:
> Certainly inconsistency appears in any large dataset that's touched by a
> large number of editors.  I don't see why expecting contributors to try
> to comply with reasonable data entry/quality guidelines is unreasonable.
>   JOSM has a suite of validity checkers to try to
> apply constancy guidelines to new/edited data.  Why might running
> clean-up bots antagonize mappers (particularly if their updates can be
> filtered from edit lists ;-)) any more than validation checks before
> updates ?

   I don't think the bots themselves will antagonize mappers except for 
2 possible cases:

   1 - A mapper abbreviates an already expanded name, and doesn't like 
the style change because name no longer renders in Mapnik at a certain 
zoom, etc.
   2 - The edge cases where the abbreviated name is the official name 
and cannot be expanded.   Would this need a special tag to tell the bot 
that the name is correct?

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