[Talk-us] User adding many Safeway grocery stores, with ref number in name

Metcalf, Calvin (DOT) calvin.metcalf at state.ma.us
Mon Jan 9 13:27:22 GMT 2012

 as there is that brand tag, than using that would seem the best way to convey that the building is a Safeway, name being Safeway #xxx means it's the name of that particular Safeway and could be useful to people who are looking at the map and then may want to look up the store on a website somewhere, and can thus use the map to figure out easily which Safeway we're talking about.  One of the main complaints has been that Safeway #xxx might not come up in a search for Safeway, but I think if we shouldn't tag for the renderer, then I think the corollary don't tag for the geocoder also applies. 

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>On 1/8/2012 9:17 AM, Mike N wrote:
>> I could see both sides of this - receipts are likely printed 
>"Welcome to
>> Safeway #xxx", and so the map would appear correct and contain
>> additional detail. The disadvantage is that an exact match search for
>> "Safeway" would fail, depending on the search algorithm in use.
>To be fair, this is what the brand tag is for. (Personally I 
>tag name as 
>what's on the prominent signage visible from outside, meaning 
>it's often 
>the same as the brand, and use ref for the store number.)
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