[Talk-us] Apartment buildings as place=hamlet

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Tue Jan 10 15:26:51 GMT 2012

* Paul Norman <penorman at mac.com> [2012-01-07 18:00 -0800]:
> > From: Martijn van Exel [mailto:m at rtijn.org]
> > Apartment buildings imported from GNIS appear as 'place=hamlet' in Salt
> > Lake City (and quite possibly elsewhere). I think this is too much honor
> > for 99% of apartment buildings.
> I tag these with landuse=residential name=* for the complex.
> building=apartments or as applicable for the buildings.

I do the same thing, but I wanted to note that in cases where I don't know
the exact extents of the residential area (more common for subdivisions
than apartment complexes), I just change the node's tags from place=hamlet
to landuse=residential.  That at least keeps tools from seeing the
subdivision (or whatever) as a separate town.

Also, when I do expand a GNIS node into an area, I copy all the GNIS tags
to the area (except for ele, which isn't useful on an area), delete all
tags from the original node, and use the node as part of the new area.

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