[Talk-us] Getting ready for the license change

Mike N niceman at att.net
Fri Jan 13 22:07:03 GMT 2012

On 1/13/2012 4:50 PM, Paul Johnson wrote:
> Speaking of, has anyone talked to balrog-kun yet?  I know he was at
> one point insanely prolific and I often stumble across his data, he's
> currently a decliner.

  I don't have a clue what the below statement means, since he hasn't 
said he'll make his edits Public Domain.


"All of my contributions* made through this account are ODbL-compatible. 
You are free to use my contributions under the terms of either CC-By-SA 
or ODbL* licenses at your preference, and you are free to sublicense my 
contributions under ODbL 1.0 without attributing me other than as 
"OpenStreetMap contributors"."

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