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the Old Topo Depot oldtopos at novacell.com
Thu Jul 19 17:16:09 BST 2012

Certainly the significant data loss in areas is suboptimal, and
reconstruction will take time.

It seems that significant challenges are identifying areas most impacted
and prioritizing reconstruction efforts.

Toby's post yesterday using the modified live edit bot osmZmiany seems a
good way to help focus on areas.  Toby, do you think it possible to
serialize the state of the edits as you displayed yesterday so that they
could be used as a zoomable reference to areas potentially needing review ?

I'm also wondering if a routing regression suite exists anywhere that could
be used to help identify broken interstates and other major ways, as the
tagging changes and 2 node bridges that were likely deleted will take time
to identify.

Perhaps pages on the wiki noting reviews of interstates and mojor
reconstruction of specific areas would be useful as well.


John Novak
585-OLD-TOPOS (585-653-8676)
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