[Talk-us] Starting OSM Trail Map Initiative In US

Mike Thompson miketho16 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 23:34:10 BST 2012


I think it is a great idea to focus on trails.  In my opinion, this
would be a great use of OSM.

In my area OSM already has data that in many cases is better than
publicly available data.  Best way to get this data is to turn on the
GPS and go for a hike or bike ride.

One area we could work on is improving tagging.  In many cases the
only tag is "highway=path"

Has anyone tried to work with local hiking/mountain clubs on mapping trails?


On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 2:17 PM, Fred Gifford <fred.gifford at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am starting the process of pulling together a group to focus on updating
> and expanding trail data in OSM. The initial focus would be in the US
> but we are hoping the model could expand to other areas as well.
> Initially the project would have two main focus areas –
> - Focused effort to gather public domain trail data and use it to
> update existing trail data in OSM through hybrid editing \ bulk upload
> methodology.
> - Build a custom version of Potlatch focused on trail mapping
> - Building trail mapping communities in the US.
> Here is where things get a little different than other similar efforts
> –  I want much of the work to be done by paid interns and I want to
> fund it initially through Kickstarter and later though donations.
> I’d be interested to hear anyones thoughts, concerns, etc, and of
> course would love to know if anyone is interested in participating.
> Thanks.
> Fred
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