[Talk-us] Starting OSM Trail Map Initiative In US

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Sat Jul 21 00:02:39 BST 2012

Fred Gifford <fred.gifford at gmail.com> writes:

> I am starting the process of pulling together a group to focus on updating
> and expanding trail data in OSM. The initial focus would be in the US
> but we are hoping the model could expand to other areas as well.

You should first assess how things are; OSM trail data is generally
better than most other maps .

> Initially the project would have two main focus areas –
> - Focused effort to gather public domain trail data and use it to
> update existing trail data in OSM through hybrid editing \ bulk upload
> methodology.

I am skeptical.  I am in Massachusetts, which has good public state GIS
data, and there doesn't seem to be trail data.  I think these data
sources should be used with human guidance.

> - Build a custom version of Potlatch focused on trail mapping

I really don't get this comment - what are you trying to do that is
currently awkward?  I use JOSM for editing trails (to avoid bad karma
From nonportable and proprietary Flash), but I don't find trails to be
particularly special in terms of editor support.

Put another way, what do editors do or not do about trails that you want
to change?

> - Building trail mapping communities in the US.

Indeed, that is the key point.  You might consider sending interns to
give presentations at conversation groups, etc.  But that sounds a
little like Community Ambassadors :-)

> Here is where things get a little different than other similar efforts
> –  I want much of the work to be done by paid interns and I want to
> fund it initially through Kickstarter and later though donations.

It's really hard to tell what your primary goals are and what decisions
are driven by those goals....
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