[Talk-us] Starting OSM Trail Map Initiative In US

Mike Thompson miketho16 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 04:15:54 BST 2012

> please no bulk upload. public data isn't always up to date and really needs
> a review. if a trail is missing it's not a big deal when you have an
> additional option. But if you plan a long hike and a trail is no passable
> anymore it can be really dangerous.

>And special tags have to be verified on
> the ground. There is no way to do that as an armchair mapper. essentially
> quality is more important than quantity.
Agreed!  Didn't mean to imply that armchair mappers could/should be
doing this, although I realize I wasn't clear.    If we are going to
work on improving trail data by building the community, working with
hiking/biking/etc groups, improving tools (not sure if this is
needed), then I recommend that tagging be at least a small part of the
focus.  As already observed, in many cases the trail geometry in OSM
is already better than any other source.

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