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When it comes to Interstates multiplexing, I think we should list first the one that the exit numbers are for on the highway.  Some examples would be as follows: "ref=I 76;I 70" on the PA Turnpike since I-76 is the "main" route and all the exits along there use I-76's mileage."ref=I 77;I 74" in NC since I-77's mileage is used for the mile markers."ref=I 77;I 64" in WV since the entire WV Turnpike is I-77 (and all exits are in I-77 mileage) and I-64 is just "visiting". If both Interstates are going in the same direction and share the mileage since they both entered the state at the same time (I-20 and I-59 in AL), I-20 would go first there since it's the lower numbered route.  James
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        I think
you've identified another area where clarity is needed: What order should
be used when entering multiple refs. I tend to do it with interstates
first, then US routes, then state routes, within each group by number,
low to high. However, a definite rule would be helpful.

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