[Talk-us] Discardable TIGER tags

Martijn van Exel m at rtijn.org
Sun Jul 29 20:02:22 BST 2012


Sorry to be late to chip in.
I would keep CFCC. It's a good tag to have both to be able to generate
statistics (how much of original TIGER class mapping remains intact?)
as well as for reference; I find the CFCC classification is usually
good - even if the mapping onto OSM k/v is sometimes unfortunate. In
itself a reason to keep them, we may decide to bulk-retag based on
cfcc in the future. Unlikely, but fathomable.
The uuid can co as far as I am concerned. The tlid as well. County can
be discarded under the assumption that we have nationwide
county-or-equivalent boundaries (I actually don't know if that's the
case, for Utah it looks complete).
The zipcodes don't have an equivalent in OSM right now, and are useful
for geocoding, so I'd say leave those untouched.
The separated taga I have never found to be useful or reliable. My
vote would be to remove those as well.

Looking forward to a leaner planet!


> PS I find it very annoying that replies don't go back to the list by default

You should check your email client settings. Sometimes posters
explicitly set a reply-to field though - in that case, your reply will
go to the person's email directly. I always do reply-all when replying
to lists.

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