[Talk-us] administrative boundaries and Nominatim

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Mon Jul 30 13:30:13 BST 2012

  10, Park Plaza, Central Square, Bay Village, Middlesex, Massachusetts,
  02116, United States of America.
  The "Central Square", "Bay Village" and "Middlesex" are what are
  confusing me as they look to be points and I'm not sure what the deal
  is with poi points vs admin polygons. And why Boston the city doesn't
  come up.

I have seen 'hillsborough county' show up many times for queries around
me (west/central middlesex in ma; hillsborough is in nh).   I have not
yet figured out if this is a data problem in osm or bugs in nominatim,
or nominatim having well-meaning heuristics to find points when ideally
there would be boundary polygons.
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