[Talk-us] Special issues in LA remap

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Wed Jun 6 03:18:00 BST 2012

>Given the earlier statements regarding alignment, etc, of the road 
>vectors, and the seemingly large amount of work to revert these 
>changes, perhaps an incremental replacement of road geometry with 
>TIGER 2011 data along with manual conflation of existing attributes 
>is a more effective application of effort.  This assumes, of course, 
>the TIGER data (which I have not examined for LA County) is markedly 
>superior to the existing data.

John, I can't (quickly) say which would be the "more effective 
application of effort," though your approach may for you, my approach 
(targeted changeset reverts, though of course, effort ahead:  WHICH 
changesets?) may for me (or Charlotte, or having Charlotte "better 
characterize" a distillation of what she might see as a pattern in 
blars' edits with a changeset puppeteer facile with JOSM...).  This 
is made difficult by wanting (simultaneously) "a right process" to 
both "be achieved" and "be achieved with consensus."

Keep talking, everybody.  (e.g. Charlotte, perhaps you can say 
whether TIGER 2011 data ARE "markedly superior to the existing 
data..." or if not, what do you need to see/experience so you CAN, 
and do.  Or maybe Charlotte doesn't say this, somebody else does).

I have confidence we can get there, Charlotte and I seem to have an 
odd knack for stirring up better questions with answers/approaches 
that get us closer.  Great thread!


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