[Talk-us] Special issues in LA remap

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Wed Jun 6 03:36:29 BST 2012

It seems we are speaking on many levels here.

NE2 talks of a redaction bot:  powerful scripting so intelligent it 
is not quite yet built (scripting coupled with lack of consensus 
isn't power).  Charlotte, a seriously dedicated user, wants to reduce 
skull-aching editing, clearly seeing a pattern of edits by a non-CT 
user.  OSM has a license change coming up.  There are intermediate 
functions going on like facilitation and reminding of purpose and the 
need to achieve consensus.  John says "there are likely clever ways 
to duck out old noisy TIGER and bring in new, better TIGER...(and 
more talk is required, yes)."

The right thoughts, words, intentions and actions, right here, right 
now, pretty much gets us to many finish lines.

Let's make this a shining example.  Let's decide that powerful 
(almost magic) bot-logic (like redaction and to perhaps some degree, 
changeset revert plugin) "takes out these blars edits."


Much of this process might seem like only chalk-and-watercolors to 
some readers.  I see good chunks of it now largely sketched out. 
Sure, "How?" are the meaty parts, but we have a lot of meatiness in 
this project.

Think, speak (type), intend, do.

Terrific project, this here OSM.

Cutting to the chase and finish line,


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