[Talk-us] Seeing things you don't care about in the database

Mark Gray mark-osmus at hspf.com
Tue Jun 12 00:17:57 BST 2012

On one hand, I share the frustration of having lots of new data in
an area making some of our tools slower and more difficult to use.
In my area a building footprint import slowed down most of the
mapping tools and land use polygons can get in the way of editing

On the other hand, I really like that the map looks a lot better
at close zooms with building footprints and at some zooms with
land use even if neither layer is perfect. This is not just about
looks: it is also much better for being sure you are oriented when
you are out there and can see the buildings on the map line up
with real buildings. Address and POI information looks much better
with the context of the buildings they are associated with.

I think that one of the strengths of OSM is that people can map
what they are interested in, whether it is roads or railways or
hiking trails or power lines or bike racks or local businesses.
OSM is definitely getting beyond "just streets" in many places and
I think that is a good thing to be encouraged and celebrated.

If you want to just edit some streets, though, you should not have
to download and render every object in the area and have them all
active as things you might want to make a junction with.

I think the answer is to improve our tools so things we don't care
about right now don't get in the way.

The renderers include powerful tools for filtering what should be
rendered for a particular purpose, can't we use some similar
smarts in editors to let people choose:
1. what they are editing
2. what they still want to see but only as inactive background

If I invested in getting JOSM working again and learned all its
tricks could I do this today? Lately I have just been using
Potlatch 2. It is so easy to navigate to the place I want to work
on the rendered map, switch to edit mode, edit, scroll to the
east, edit, save, done. When I used JOSM I missed the simplicity
of the Potlatch work flow so much, but I might be willing to try

Mark Gray

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