[Talk-us] Special issues in LA remap

Nathan Edgars II neroute2 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 22:18:30 BST 2012

On 6/12/2012 4:21 PM, Alan Mintz wrote:
> It seems that the easiest way to quickly clean a way that is clean
> itself, but contains a bunch of orange nodes, is to select the way and
> then nudge it very slightly (i.e. in JOSM, zoom way in so that a
> shift-arrow movement is a small fraction of a meter, but more than the
> resolution of the coordinates, which is how much?). If you are OK with
> the alignment of the road as you see it against the imagery, this would
> seem to be within the spirit of the re-licensing, and quite easier and
> smaller (data-wise) than branding everything odbl=clean or reducing the
> way to a stub and re-drawing it, which is what I've been doing for ways
> that are mostly orange nodes.

This is cheating, since if the locations of nodes are copyrightable, so 
are the locations relative to each other. Of course, so would be adding 
a node between two bad nodes (since its position is defined in part by 
being on a bad line) but most remappers have probably done this.

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