[Talk-us] Special issues in LA remap

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Wed Jun 13 01:45:45 BST 2012

Hi Alan,

Maybe, though I'm not sure the result is better. To me, it has more to do
> with whether the area has any other user edits (other than blars).
> Glendale, in particular, may be a decent candidate for a re-import, if I
> (or someone else) can ever get around to it. I've done a little bit of
> mapping around it, but those are easy to find and merge, and a couple of
> hours to process an import sure seems better than the time it will take to
> manually go street-by-street, particularly if it is well-aligned, as it has
> been in other LA areas.

Are you speaking of the entirety of Glendale, or specific areas ?

The downtown looks pretty good in terms of alignment and license.  A lot of
the ways could be combined to reduce the over-labeling, and some could be
straightened a bit.

Certainly the ways in (what I presume) are the hills to the east-ish are
under-noded and the TIGER 2011 geometry is superior.

 John Novak
585-OLD-TOPOS (585-653-8676)
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