[Talk-us] [Rebuild] Progress update

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Thu Jun 21 18:35:00 BST 2012

[followups set to legal-talk, but you may want to adjust to talk-us if 
focusing on LA etc.]

On 21/06/2012 17:57, Alan Mintz wrote:
> Richard wrote:
>> ...Given people's constraints on time and the community's
>> (understandable) desire for the redaction to get underway asap...
> I've seen no such demonstration of desire. The only thing we real
> mappers are discussing is anxiety over exactly what will happen and
> when, and the huge amount of data that is tainted and will be lost when
> this thing is shoved down our throats.

Ok. I am struggling not to get cross here at your caricature of "we, 
unlike you, are real mappers", but given that I still have tingling in 
my hands from cycling down 25 miles of bumpy, muddy track yesterday to 
get some GPS tracks and waypoints... well, yeah, I am a little cross.

But in an effort to be civil (hey, first time for everything), I'll 
confine myself to this:

The "huge amount of data" is globally not that huge. It is 1.2% of nodes 
(or so odbl.poole.ch tells me, and the guy behind that is cleverer than 
me, so I have no reason to doubt it). In the US it's 0.2%.

I know, for LA people, that's a bit like the old saw that "0.2% 
unemployment is no consolation if you happen to be in that 0.2%". But: 
with my Potlatch hat on, I am very very very happy to build/adjust tools 
to help you fix LA quickly in exactly the same way that I fixed the Llyn 
Peninsula and Cornwall/Devon, neither of which have been a problem for 
months. I'm sure there are others who are equally happy to help.

If you want to have that conversation, that's great. _But_ one request: 
please leave out the aggressive stuff about real mappers. About the one 
way in which you could make me crosser is by going on to assert that 
"real mappers use JOSM". ;)

Anyway, I ought to go and clean my bike.

personal opinions only yadda yadda

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