[Talk-us] Contacting non-responders with less than a month to go

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I've been having so-so success on contacting people in the US.  I've sometimes just looked around on the License Change map across the US (and in a few places in Canada like Toronto since I lived there for a bit) and just contact the people I find that show up when I click on the names.  I've even sometimes took a stab in the dark and used there OSM ID and e-mailed a corresponding GMail e-mail address (got lucky doing that once for a Pittsburgh editor). Sometimes I've been lucky to get the person to accept in less than an hour sometimes (once had a guy accept in less than 5 minutes after sending the PM!). I would say my ratio of getting people to accept is at about 30%, maybe as high as 35%, but it might drop if nobody in the recent batch of PM's I send out accept. BTW Toby, I hope you've been listing the people you've been contacting here so people don't contact the same people at the same time. (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Asking_users_to_accept_the_ODbL) - James
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> Subject: [Talk-us] Contacting non-responders with less than a month to go
> Well, this has been brought up before but with less than a month left
> to go before the license change I thought it was worth talking about
> again.
> Since December I have been steadily contacting mappers. I started out
> covering Kansas and have had great success here. Since mid February,
> myself and others have been working on contacting the non-responders
> with the most edits in our respective countries, with some
> coordination and help from Simon Poole.
> All told, I have attempted contact with about 90 people here in the
> US. So far I have managed to get through to just over half and every
> one of them has accepted the new terms.
> However... As great as that is, it's still barely a drop in the
> bucket. My overall 50% contact rate has required a non-trivial amount
> of effort involving google, twitter, facebook, linkedIn, youtube, etc
> as well as a few (sometimes slightly awkward) telephone conversations.
> "Hi, this is the Internet. I'm calling for your son." However I have
> found that a good 25-30% of people respond after nothing but a
> personal message through the OSM message system. Obviously this means
> that their registered email address is still valid and they see the
> notification email. This also means that they should have seen the
> messages from OSMF a couple of months ago but people are lazy,
> forgetful and have over-zealous spam filters.
> So everyone on this list, please take another look around your
> city/state using the available tools[1] and just start sending
> messages. You can easily spit out 10 messages in under an hour.
> I would suggest coming up with your own text that you feel comfortable
> with. It doesn't have to be fancy. We're just trying to get eyeballs
> on the target. I usually put something location specific in the
> subject line to try and get their attention and let them know this
> isn't an automatic email. Something like "Your map edits in <city>"
> seems to work.
> For the body I say that I noticed that they were active in OSM a
> couple of years ago and thank them for their contribution. Then I
> point out that since they haven't been active, they may not be aware
> of the upcoming license change which requires a response from all
> users and that we need their permission to carry their edits forward
> into the new license and ask them to log in to their account and
> review the new terms.
> That's all you need.
> And as a bonus, some of them might start mapping again! Fewer than I
> had hoped... but better than nothing.
> And finally, there are two non-responders here in the US that I
> haven't been able to find much on and was wondering if anyone else
> happens to know any details about them. They haven't been active since
> before I created my account so I thought maybe some other long-time
> users might know something that I don't. If anyone has any personal
> information it would probably be best to send it directly to me and
> not the list. Or I guess try to contact them yourself. The user names
> are:
> kyrbyboy with edits New Jersey
> Sunny with edits in Seattle, Denver and Beijing.
> [1]
> http://tools.geofabrik.de/osmi/?view=wtfe
> (click on highlighted things to see user names of decliners/non-responders)
> http://cleanmap.poole.ch/?layers=00B0
> (hold CTRL and draw a box to get a list of people in the area with
> dirty objects)
> http://yosmhm.neis-one.org/
> (to see where they have edited)
> Toby
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