[Talk-us] Remapping from TIGER 2011

Mike N niceman at att.net
Mon Mar 12 15:27:12 GMT 2012

On 3/11/2012 10:28 PM, Josh Doe wrote:
> Do you find the new subdivisions manually as well?

   Yes, I just used the overlay method as outlined on the Wiki where new 
roads are highlighted.  The only trick was that deleted roads also would 
show up as new roads, and recognizing that someone had really deleted an 
original TIGER road, and it was not a newly created road. 
Fortunately<g>, this area is a desert of OSM participation, so there 
were not many delete-road corrections.

> Just a point of clarification regarding my conflation plugin [0];
> currently it is geared towards finding 1-to-1 correspondences, such as
> matching GNIS nodes to areas. It does not handle N-to-M
> correspondences like you'll have with roads, and it doesn't take care
> of topology issues. However there is another user working on a TIGER
> conflation plugin which should handle these things, but I'm not sure
> how far he is from having something usable. That being said, I am
> sorely in need of getting feedback on the design of my conflation
> plugin.:)

    I gave it another spin and created a TRAC ticket.   The big gain is 
when I can conflate between layers - either with the conflation pugin or 
the possible TIGER plugin.   There will certainly be other mod wishes 
for that application such as glomming roads and tag handling such as 
removing tiger:reviewed... etc.

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