[Talk-us] suburban superblocks that nobody wants to survey

Hillsman, Edward hillsman at cutr.usf.edu
Thu Mar 15 12:52:56 GMT 2012

On 3/14/2012 21:18:57 -0400 Nathan Edgars II wrote:

>Depending on the state or local government, you may be able to verify 
>names against an official dataset. Otherwise subdivision plats work for 
>the endless suburban superblocks that nobody wants to survey.

In the interest of figuring out how to attract more people to participate in OSM, I'd like to see some more discussion of this. Is it generally true that people who work on OSM don't like to map subdivisions? And, if so, why? Because these are home to so many people in the US, it raises a question about the viability of strategies that suggest people start in OSM by mapping their own neighborhoods.

I admit that I prefer not to, but because of where I live and work, my activity space doesn't take me into them very often. I did start out in OSM by mapping my neighborhood surroundings. I have mapped some subdivisions (ways and land-uses but not individual houses) and don't find them boring or onerous (for onerous, splitting streets into dual carriageways is at the top of my list).

Ed Hillsman

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