[Talk-us] New local groups

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Mon Mar 26 15:52:00 BST 2012

Who has started a new[1] local OSM group?  From seeing announcements
once in a while it looks like Tampa might be running, Columbus is
dead, Seattle is on baby-hiatus, SLC, Boston and Albany each had one
meeting and failed and Denver is the only one still running.  Is that
about right?

How many meetings have you had?  Is it time for a new one?

If you haven't started one yet and you are thinking about it; what's
stopping you?  I don't mean that in the jerky, passive-aggressive way,
I mean really?  What's stopping you and how can I help?

What incentive would it take to push you over the edge to make you
actually do it?  What would it take to get you to organize and host
six local OSM meetings in the next six months?  Think about it.  Tell
the list (or me).

How about this, after your have six successful local meetings, we[2]
send an OSM celebrity[3] to attend your next event?

Whaddaya think?

Best regards,

[1] new since SotM - Denver
[2] *mumble* *hand wave*
[3] FSVO "celebrity"

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