[Talk-us] Using TIGER to find missing road segments in OSM after license change

Josh Doe josh at joshdoe.com
Wed Mar 28 11:47:15 BST 2012

I initially just sent this to Ian Dees, but maybe there are others on this list
that are thinking of doing this or could help.

Considering the upcoming license change and it's impact (many roads
that may become missing), I was thinking more about using TIGER 2011
to find roads that seem to be missing in the OSM database. My PostGIS
skills are nil, but it seems like it should be a fairly trivial query
to buffer the
OSM ways and find TIGER segments which don't intersect the buffered ways.
Hardest part will then be scaling this up to all 3140 counties. Later we could
continue to utilize the resource by extending this work to progressively get
more intelligent by splitting ways into two node segments to get more accurate
results, and maybe do string matching to highlight name problems. Oh and
flagging of erroneous data in TIGER. And maybe stats per county, and ...

This requires hardware resources and people with skills to manage the large
database and ideally move towards weekly/daily/minutely updates, and
to generate tiles showing the missing segments. Anyone interested in
helping with this?


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