[Talk-us] railway crossing id

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Oct 2 21:55:09 BST 2012


On 02.10.2012 22:29, Charlie Smothers wrote:
> How do folks think
> that this should be tagged? Just use a railway=level_crossing, ref= on a
> node near the crossing?

railway=level_crossing would usually be reserved to tag the crossing 
itself, not to annotate it from a distance.

> Should it have a special tag so that it is clear
> that it is in fact a USDOT ID number?

People sometimes use tags like "namespace:ref" to indicate whose number 
it is, so that would make "usdot:ref=...". (A "fdot:ref" seems to be in 
common use on Florida highways.)

> Tag the node at the intersection
> of the highway and the railway?

Yes - of course if it really is a level crossing and not grade 
separated. Grade separated is more difficult because there will not 
necessarily be a node at the precise intersection.


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