[Talk-us] Night of the Living Maps

Matthias Meisser digi_c at arcor.de
Fri Oct 26 15:45:23 GMT 2012

this is Matthias from the german OSM community (aka user:!i!).
I was the one who started the first NOTLM party and asked Martjin, if 
the US would be a good area for another global mapathon.This idea came 
up, when I noticed how "empty" the US still is (or let's say how big the 
country is ;)) even with the TIGER import and all of your hard work.

I'm absolutly ok with the idea of improving TIGER and add buildings and 
all the details you can see on the high res BING imagery. Please keep in 
mind, that we over in Europe *have no idea*, about what the problems of 
the TIGER import is in detail. So a detailed short instruction as 
"mission statement" would be great, and of course a map/list of places 
where help is needed would be useful.

As I have no idea, about how many people will start contributing this 
time, should we care about conflicts? (maybe using the HOT team server)

How about the date? Just a friday at end of November or after the X-mas 
troubles in january?


Am 26.10.2012 04:24, schrieb Brian DeRocher:
> For reference here's the "TIGER reviewed" and "TIGER roads comparison"
> maps Peter demonstrated at SOTM US.
> http://www.itoworld.com/map/162
> http://www.itoworld.com/map/240

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