[Talk-us] Night of the Living Maps

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sat Oct 27 17:49:18 GMT 2012

Richard Welty writes:
 > however, there are vast areas (like most if not all of WV) where
 > the alignment of TIGER 2005 is really awful, and TIGER 2011/2012 is
 > a significant improvement. since the latter is available as an
 > image layer which i know works with JOSM and i understand works
 > with Potlatch, it's pretty reasonable to load up a spot in the
 > desert and compare unedited data with 2011/2012 and realign. just
 > don't remove the reviewed tag, that shouldn't be done without a
 > ground survey.

Some counties of NY had or have that awful alignment of which Richard
speaks.  Putnam, Ontario, and Warren Counties come to mind. I've spent
a ridiculous amount of time aligning these roads.

I remove the tiger:reviewed=no tag only when I've been somewhere and
seen that the sign matches the name= tag (or one of them, anyway).

I use my Columbus / Visiontac V-900 GPS logger with audio notes to
make a note of the road name as I pass it, or any other notes that I
think need mapping, e.g. road surface, stop signs, traffic lights,

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