[Talk-us] NHD Imports

Clifford Snow clifford at snowandsnow.us
Sat Oct 27 23:28:13 GMT 2012

I saw bsupnik's wiki page, http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Bsupnik, on
importing of NHD into OSM. I'm working on National Parks in Washington
State. After spending countless hours tracing in streams and rivers into
OSM, I've finally decided that importing makes more sense. I'm wondering
what the consensus was on using NHD in OSM? The data can be downloaded as
shapefiles from the USGS website.  With Paul Norman's ogr2osm script and
translation tables, the data looks like to could be imported into OSM. In
the areas I'm focusing on, it would need to be done almost stream by stream
since some of the data already exists. And doing it in small batches allows
for easy alignment with a Bing image. (These are areas that a survey is
nearly impossible due to the large amount of difficult terrain involved.)

One of the advantages to using the NHD data over topo maps is getting the
correct names on the streams.  The existing topo maps make it difficult to
determine named streams from un-named ones.

Before I bring this up on the imports list, I thought I'd ask the US
community about their opinion about importing the data.
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