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Past NHD imports have made vast multipolygons which can be difficult to
interpret without a view of the whole thing.  This made particular problems
for tiles at home/osmarender, which tried to render the multipolygons without
loading their out-of-area members, leading to water-land inversion in a lot
of places.  Editing these multipolygons may be error-prone too, though need
for such editing should be rare.  If you can somehow limit the size of the
multipolygons, this issue can probably be mitigated.
On Oct 27, 2012 7:29 PM, "Clifford Snow" <clifford at snowandsnow.us> wrote:

> I saw bsupnik's wiki page, http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Bsupnik, on
> importing of NHD into OSM. I'm working on National Parks in Washington
> State. After spending countless hours tracing in streams and rivers into
> OSM, I've finally decided that importing makes more sense. I'm wondering
> what the consensus was on using NHD in OSM? The data can be downloaded as
> shapefiles from the USGS website.  With Paul Norman's ogr2osm script and
> translation tables, the data looks like to could be imported into OSM. In
> the areas I'm focusing on, it would need to be done almost stream by stream
> since some of the data already exists. And doing it in small batches allows
> for easy alignment with a Bing image. (These are areas that a survey is
> nearly impossible due to the large amount of difficult terrain involved.)
> One of the advantages to using the NHD data over topo maps is getting the
> correct names on the streams.  The existing topo maps make it difficult to
> determine named streams from un-named ones.
> Before I bring this up on the imports list, I thought I'd ask the US
> community about their opinion about importing the data.
> --
> Clifford
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