[Talk-us] Remap-a-tron level 2 complete! Suggestions for level 3?

Brian May bmay at mapwise.com
Fri Sep 28 16:08:23 BST 2012


Nick, maybe as a step before your suggestion.

1) New streets with no names. In Florida, there's a large number of new 
streets that contributors have added, but did not add a name. The TIGER 
2012 overlay helps make quick work of adding these names. In many cases, 
streets will need to be split on curves where the street name changes. 
An improvement to this process is having a list of names from TIGER 2012 
to choose from, like a pick list of streets within the current bounding 
box. This would avoid retying the names. But people should also expand 
the street name abbreviations, like Ave to Avenue. Maybe try to automate 
much of the abbreviation expansion as well.

Other thoughts:

A lot of counties still have a lot of old TIGER with fairly horrific 
street alignment. Focusing on these areas in the remap-a-tron effort 
would be a huge help. I often wonder if new people look at this garbage 
and think to themselves - "Look at these crazy streets! OSM sucks, why 

And for the Level 4 suggestion - as has been noted on the list before, 
unedited TIGER streets with no names constitutes a very large number of 
ways which are dirt roads that may or may not still be there in large 
tracts of land. Also long driveways. These ways contribute a whole lot 
of noise to the map.


On 9/28/2012 2:36 AM, Nick Hocking wrote:
> Level  3
> Tiger 2012 roads, that are named, that don't have a corresponding OSM 
> way with similar naming and similar geometry.
> This would pick up new 2012 Tiger roads, and unedited original Tiger 
> named roads which were of poor quality.
> Level 4
> Tiger unedited roads that are "highway residential" and have no name.
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